Table of Letter Values

There are many resources online that explain the concept of Arabic abjad numerals and list the 28 primary letters and their associated values. I have added this table in case anyone would like to double-check the rules followed by our calculation program — in particular the differences between the Mashriqi (“Eastern”) and Maghribi (“Western”) systems, which are highlighted in green. Further details are provided on the main page.

Value Mashriqi letter Maghribi letter
1 ا ا
2 ب ب
3 ج ج
4 د د
5 ه ه
6 و و
7 ز ز
8 ح ح
9 ط ط
10 ي ي
20 ك ك
30 ل ل
40 م م
50 ن ن
60 س ص
70 ع ع
80 ف ف
90 ص ض
100 ق ق
200 ر ر
300 ش س
400 ت ت
500 ث ث
600 خ خ
700 ذ ذ
800 ض ظ
900 ظ غ
1,000 غ ش

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