Table of Letter Values

There are many resources online that explain the concept of Arabic abjad numerals and list the 28 primary letters and their associated values. I made this table in case anyone would like to double-check the rules followed by the calculation program—in particular the differences between the Mashriqi ("Eastern") and Maghribi ("Western") systems, which are highlighted in green. Further details are provided on the main page.

Value Mashriqi letter Maghribi letter
1 ا ا
2 ب ب
3 ج ج
4 د د
5 ه ه
6 و و
7 ز ز
8 ح ح
9 ط ط
10 ي ي
20 ك ك
30 ل ل
40 م م
50 ن ن
60 س ص
70 ع ع
80 ف ف
90 ص ض
100 ق ق
200 ر ر
300 ش س
400 ت ت
500 ث ث
600 خ خ
700 ذ ذ
800 ض ظ
900 ظ غ
1,000 غ ش

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